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Out In Public / Haze Cash
Hey there ladies and gents on this weeks Out In Public update we are hanging out with our very good friend Dee and we are at basketball gymnasium and this place is packed with hot men so me and my friend came up with a plan more like a strategy to get this guys to do what we want with them. We spot a buy on the court and my friend was on the hunt and brought this guy back to us for a little talk and man this guy believed everything that we were telling him and actually thought that Dee was a pro basketball Agent. This guy was down on his knees faster than you know what lol this guy sucked and fucked my friend like no other and all to make his dreams come true. Little did he know lol STay tuned!.
In this weeks Out In public I'm hanging with my good friend and we are in our favorite pool hall and it's out favorite for many reasons but one in particular "rent a guy" slogan they have so it was like a buffet had an appetite this evening so you guys know what comes next. The lucky guy James was the lucky guy we chose to have some fun with us and boy did we make him earn each penny. I hope you guys enjoy this update. .
OutInPublic brings to you another awesome update of two men fucking. This time, it takes place somewhere in Europe in the Projects. Drago and Tonny give no fucks. They want to fuck and that's all that matters. Once inside they found a staircase safe enough to get the fucking on. Come and see if anybody catches them making love..
In this weeks OutInPublic I am hanging out with my friend saykov and he brought us to this underground club its not a place that I would go but we were hanging out so whatever. We turn the corner once inside this club and theres this guy with his cock out and stroking infront of everyone so now I knew what type of club this was and my friend jumped at this guy right away and they started having some real fun. I hope you guys enjoy this update. Stay tuned! .
In this weeks Out In Public update we are at our favorite fitness gymnasium and were on the look out for some hot young guys. So were here with my friend Ennio inthe locker and this hot guy walks in and he is all built like a body builder so I had to approach this young hot guy and I guess that he liked my friend because the two went at it in the locker room and out in the open floor with all the gym members looking on I tell you these updates keep getting crazier and crazier but hey its really fun to me. i hope you guys enjoy Stay tuned .
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